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Your partner in marine paints since 1916. The Dutch shipbuilding sector is characterised by high productivity and intense specialisation. There are not many other sectors that set such extremely high standards for paint quality. Weather, wind, water and intensive usage call for highly durable paint systems to protect both steel and woodwork.


Nelf Marine Paints knows like no other how to translate these requirements into top quality products. Nelf Marine Paints has always operated in the area of shipbuilding (fishery and inland shipping), ship repairs and both professional shipping and pleasure craft. The hardwearing epoxy coatings, chlorinated rubber and vinyl paints and the wear-resistant and colourfast paints on many inland vessels have proven their strength and anti-corrosion qualities over many years. Nelf Marine Paints has a fine reputation to live up to, especially in the area of functionality. This relates in particular to corrosion prevention, chemical resistance, gloss, adhesion and durability. But high standards are also set for the processing aspect (coating and flowing) and maintenance, as well as the equipment and materials needed for application. Nelf Marine Paints meets each and every one of these requirements.


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