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Nelfapré Snelgrond

Quick drying primer based on a specially modified alkyd resin for exterior use which allows for recoats after 3 hours. In combination with Nelfalite Xtreme Climate application of primer and topcoat all year round in 1 day.

Nelfapré Xtreme Grondlak

Alkyd resin based primer for exterior use.

Nelfapré Xtreme Zuso BB

Thixotrope, super filling and opaque primer for exterior use.

Nelfapré Xcellent Unigrond

Quick drying water-soluble universal bonding sealer with limited rust prevention.

Nelfalite Xtreme High Gloss

Durable alkyd resin based gloss paint for exterior use.

Nelfalite Xtreme System

Extremely durable moisture regulating semi-gloss paint for exterior use.

Nelfalite Xtreme Satin Gloss

Extremely durable semi-gloss topcoat for exterior use, based on urethane/alkyd.

Nelfalite Xtreme Climate

High gloss finish for exterior use, processable in all seasons. In combination with Nelfapré Snelgrond, primer and topcoat in 1 day.

Nelfalite System SB

Siliconized high gloss system paint for exterior use.

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