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Hydrant Antislipcoating

Quick drying and anticorrosive zinc phosphate coating with anti-slip properties for ship decks and pedestrian surfaces, etc.

Hydrant Bootlak Classic

Transparent high gloss classic wood protection for exterior application on both soft and all tropical types of wood. Provided with active UV blocker.

Hydrant Bootlak Matt Clear

Scratch resistant matt clear varnish for wooden surfaces that are subject to mechanical load.

Hydrant Bootlak Satin

Scratch resistant clear satin gloss paint for wooden surfaces that are subject to mechanical load.

Hydrant EP Primer 2C (A+B)

Anticorrosive bonding sealer for derusted steel, aluminium and polyester. Specially developed as a primer and/or intermediate coat in finishing systems both above and below the water line.

Hydrant Ecoboat SP

A biocide-free, self-polishing underwater paint for yachts and motorboats at speeds up to 30 knots.

Hydrant Epoxy Filler (A+B)

Waterproof and shrink-free 2-component filler. For thick coatings of 20-30mm.

Hydrant Epoxy Finishing Filler (A+B)

Shrink-free 2-component filler. For thin coatings up to 1mm.

Hydrant Hardhoutcleaner

Cleaning agent for wooden furniture and decking, teak decks, railings and other hardwood surfaces in and around the ship that are affected by algae and weathering.

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