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12 april 2011


Nelf has recently launched a completely new range of Vinyl Coatings.


Four reversible single-component metal protection products namely: Nelfamar Vinyl Plus, Nelfamar Vinyl Topcoat, Nelfamar Vinyl Briljant and Nelfamar Vinyl Miocoat.


DThe Vinyl Coatings have been specifically developed for a low maintenance finish of steel surfaces in the house building sector, the industry, the IWT sector and pleasure craft industry. Vinyl products are highly weather resistant and have excellent colour and gloss retention. Due to the reversible nature of the vinyl products maintenance of a surface which already has a chlorinated rubber or vinyl coating system is very simple. All vinyl products can be used at temperatures from 0°C allowing maximum use of the painting season.


Nelfamar Vinyl Plus is a high build vinyl-based primer, intermediate coat and final coat, which is used as a rust resistant finish on wall cladding, balcony balustrades and steel structures. Nelfmar Vinyl Topcoat is a fast drying intermediate and final coat based on vinyl/alkyd. This glossy topcoat is mainly used on balcony balustrades, steel structures, stairs and railings. Nelfamar Vinyl Briljant is a quick drying intermediate and final coat based on vinyl with aluminium particles. The metallic finish is applied to wall cladding, steel structures, tanks and engines. And lastly there is the Nelfamar Vinyl Miocoat, a high build primer, intermediate and final coat based on vinyl and strengthened with micaceous iron oxide. The Miocoat is applied as a finish on lamp posts, steel structures and balcony balustrades.


The Nelfamar Vinyl coatings are available from the various Nelf and Drenth Verven dealers. Look for a comprehensive overview of the sales outlets .

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