Sytze Huizenga advisor Nelf Industry in the northeast of the Netherlands

10 may 2012


Since 1 May Sytze Huizenga is the new commercial technical advisor for Nelf Industry in the northeast of the Netherlands. This is a further expansion of the workforce of Nelf, Koopmans and Drenth Verven from Marrum. Sytze Huizenga, who is 48 years old and lives in Groningen, has been working for over 30 years in the paint industry. He started in paint production and soon switched to sales. After an intensive induction period Sytze Huizenga started his activities.

Nelf and Drenth Verven both represented at the SGA (Fair for the Paint, Glass and Construction Finishing Industry) in Hardenberg

13 february 2012


Both Nelf and Drenth Verven were represented with a stand at the Paint, Glass and Construction Finishing Days in Hardenberg from 6 March till 8 March.


The Nelf stand is entirely dedicated to their two System Paints: Nelfalite System SB and Nelfalite Xtreme System. The first is a traditional silicon based system paint which has been successfully applied to the “Wooden villa in Naarden”, winner of the National Professional Painters Award 2011 in the category Maintenance. Nelfalite Xtreme System is the modern version based on alkyd resin. With these Master Paints you will be ready for the season of exterior painting.


Drenth Verven is traditionally known for its Pastolex wall paints. Their stand is therefore mainly focussed on the Pastolex Superacryl SW, a very scrub resistant wall paint. A real-life test with the scrubbing machine supports this.


For more information on both brands, visit stand 530.

Wooden House in Naarden winner Category Maintenance Professional Painters Award 2011

23 November 2011


Tuesday, 22 November was the festive presentation of the National Professional Painters Award 2011. One of the four nominees in the category Maintenance was Schildersbedrijf Eisenga & Zn. from Bussum with the 'Wooden House in Naarden'. As of today they may call themselves the proud winners. A combination of good preparation, fine workmanship, quality products and the magic hands of the painter have created this wonderful result.


Houtrot Houten Huis NaardenThe wooden house was in a very bad condition with lots of wood rot, peeling paint layers, etc. The wood was therefore sanded completely bare. Then the extra filling primer Nelfapré Xtreme Zuso BB was used to mask imperfections and then the Nelfapré Xtreme Grondlak. The traditional high gloss siliconized paint system Nelfalite System SB was used for the final coat. The result is impressive, in all respects a worthy winner.



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Margreet Krijger advisor in the southwest of the Netherlands

29 june 2011


The workforce of Nelf, Koopmans and Drenth Verven has been further expanded. As from today Margreet Krijger has joined the sales team.


Margreet Krijger has over 20 years of experience in the paint industry. First in the wholesale and family business of Wilbrink Coatings, later as a shareholder in the same company. After having worked for several years as an independent commercial trainer, she now strengthens the sales team of Nelf, Koopmans and Drenth Verven in the south-west region of the Netherlands. One of her tasks as a commercial technical advisor will be to further expand the position of Nelf and Drenth Verven on the professional market. After an intensive induction period, Margreet Krijger started her job in Southwest Netherlands.

Wood System Guide: a complete overview of paintwork in maintenance and new construction

13 april 2011


Nelf introduces the “Wood System Guide”, a complete overview of the latest Nelf Meesterlakken, translated to paint systems for maintenance and new construction.


Because there is a great demand for suitable paint systems for various surfaces, Nelf has listed and categorized them all in a System Guide. For the finishing work of pre-treated wall cladding in new construction, for the maintenance of existing wall cladding or for the finishing of completely new woodwork, delivered without any pre-treatment. The Wood System Guide includes opaque systems with a finish based on different alkyd resin combinations. The systems differ in life span expectancy and therefore in frequency of maintenance, but also in working speed and aesthetic differences. The systems are only a general description. In practice, there are many factors that play a role in the choice.


A calculation model has been added to the Wood System Guide to facilitate the calculation of the material price per m2 per paint system.


The Wood System Guide is intended as a guide to help you make an informed choice between the different exterior systems when talking to a painter/contractor.


The Wood System Guide is available from the various Nelf sales outlets

. (Nelfamar Vinyl coatings, Master Paints in Industry

12 april 2011


Nelf has recently launched a completely new range of Vinyl Coatings.


Four reversible single-component metal protection products namely: Nelfamar Vinyl Plus, Nelfamar Vinyl Topcoat, Nelfamar Vinyl Briljant and Nelfamar Vinyl Miocoat.


DThe Vinyl Coatings have been specifically developed for a low maintenance finish of steel surfaces in the house building sector, the industry, the IWT sector and pleasure craft industry. Vinyl products are highly weather resistant and have excellent colour and gloss retention. Due to the reversible nature of the vinyl products maintenance of a surface which already has a chlorinated rubber or vinyl coating system is very simple. All vinyl products can be used at temperatures from 0°C allowing maximum use of the painting season.


Nelfamar Vinyl Plus is a high build vinyl-based primer, intermediate coat and final coat, which is used as a rust resistant finish on wall cladding, balcony balustrades and steel structures. Nelfmar Vinyl Topcoat is a fast drying intermediate and final coat based on vinyl/alkyd. This glossy topcoat is mainly used on balcony balustrades, steel structures, stairs and railings. Nelfamar Vinyl Briljant is a quick drying intermediate and final coat based on vinyl with aluminium particles. The metallic finish is applied to wall cladding, steel structures, tanks and engines. And lastly there is the Nelfamar Vinyl Miocoat, a high build primer, intermediate and final coat based on vinyl and strengthened with micaceous iron oxide. The Miocoat is applied as a finish on lamp posts, steel structures and balcony balustrades.


The Nelfamar Vinyl coatings are available from the various Nelf and Drenth Verven dealers. Look for a comprehensive overview of the sales outlets .

Nelf introduces the renewed Wenfex!

10 april 2011



With the introduction of the Wenfex Super, Nelf Lakfabrieken have once again brought to market a powerful biocide free paint remover.


The new Wenfex Super is a fast acting paint remover, suitable for removing both 1- and 2-component paints. Wenfex Super is a deep acting paint remover with low flammability, despite its powerful dissolving properties.


Wenfex Super is available in standard packaging: 375ml, 750ml, 2.5 and 5 litres from Nelf and Drenth Verven wholesalers. Click here for a comprehensive list of sales outlets

Nelf certifies Sijtsma Group as a Nylo application company

16 february 2011


Sijtsma Group in Zweins has been certified by Nelf Lakfabrieken BV as a qualified Nylo Coating application company on 15 February


The Sijtsma Group, which operates amongst others in the food industry, has demonstrated to have product knowledge as well as knowledge of the application techniques of Nylo wall and floor coatings. In addition to the expertise that they have already acquired, the Sijtsma Group was trained internally by Johan van der Meulen of Nelf Lakfabrieken BV in the application of the required products and the associated systematics. Both parties have acquired a very strong market position over the years in both the manufacturing and application of products which are required in a HACCP environment (food standards).


Both companies have noted a strong increase in demand for such systems and can offer, in partnership, a total concept for application in the food industry.




Certification Sijtma Groep (from left to right)
Gerrit Uilenreef (projectmanager – Sijtsma Groep)
Johan van der Meulen (Technical Services Manager – Nelf Lakfabrieken BV)
Paul Dokter (General Manager – Nelf Lakfabrieken BV)
Hendrik Sijtsma (Generic Manager – Sijtsma Groep)


Nelf ready for 2010

November 2008


DOETINCHEM – Earlier this year, Nelf Lakfabrieken introduced its Nelfalite Xtreme Gloss and the Nelfapré Xtreme Grondlak. They now also launch Nelfapré Xtreme Zuso BB, a high-filling primer. And next year during the Building and Construction Exhibition, Nelf will launch another system paint in the same line. A transparent and a satin finish paint are already ‘in the pipeline’. A quick drying primer and a winter coating are in development.


Click to read the complete article. (Source: Schildersvakkrant)

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