Nelf Historic Colours Fan 2010

VMany paint colours have a rich tradition and are therefore of historical value. A selection of these historic colours is included in the 'Historic Colours Fan 2010'.


Sienna, Standgroen, Death Head Purple and Brown omber are just a few of the colours from the Historic Colours Fan 2010 that fire the imagination. In total the fan contains some 60 authentic colours of which the first 40 colours are mainly used for the exterior of historic and listed buildings. The last 20 colours are matching colours for the interior of these buildings. All colours are available in the Nelf Master Paints.


With the Historic Colours Fan 2010 a painter, customer or architect has a complete overview of the available colours for the maintenance of historical heritage but also for contemporary paintwork of buildings and houses.


The Historic Colours Fan 2010 is available from the official Nelf dealers. 



Nelf RAL CollectionNelf RAL Collection
RAL is a recognized and widely used colour system in various markets, from industry and construction to service provision. The Nelf RAL Collection contains a selection of popular RAL colours. From RAL 9001 and 9010, the most frequently used off whites, to RAL 3031 and RAL 9007.


De Nelf RAL Collection is available from official Nelf dealers.

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